Making My University Bedroom Cosy & Homely

DSC_0503 Going to University was very exciting, but I wasn’t to sure if I was more excited about having a new room to decorate or my course… I think we all know truly what the answer is!
Buying decorations for my room has been an on going process over this year, but I would like to share what bargains I have got & ideas to make it homely.

As we all know, especially for me, leaving home is a big thing especially as I’m very close with my family, so I needed to make sure I was comfortable and of course I have done this with furniture and deco!


Pillows, Pillows, Pillows!
My guilty pleasure, Pillows are such a beautiful comfort.
Gold Pillow – Primark £5
Green Pillow – Zara (summer sale)
Grey Pillow – Wilkinson £8
Paisley Print Pillows – Zara

My bedding is a mixture of Zara and Next
silver bedding set – Next
white bedding set – Zara (summer sale)
Bed Throw – M&S



Decoration and filling in the blank walls help a lot to make your room feel cosy!

this chest of draws is from B&Q, next to my desk which i have decorated.
Fairy lights are so beautiful and fun, I did some DIY,  got this bird-cage years ago from a vintage shop based in Lewes and filled it with fairy lights which creates a lovely enchanted effect, but you can buy products like this in retail, but use my idea for a cheaper outcome.

Silver Candle – Primark
Personalised Journal 
Notebook – Jessica Zoob (one of my favourite artists)
Weekly Calendar 




Fairy Lights
Fairy lights are everywhere! from affordable to expensive, it depends on your taste and what you want to look for, I have two battery fairy lights,
Rose Gold Copper Stars – Primark £6
Small wired stars – Next £20


I hope you enjoyed this post and have been inspired, I love what I have done with my room,
Please let me know what you think!

Thank you & lots of love.

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