The time is coming, which i find very exciting, it’s the time of the year I can put a massive coat on and eat loads of food, drink an excessive amount of hot chocolate and no one will ever know!
My favourite time of Autumn & Winter is the crisp mornings and the sun beaming through the bright colour palette of the autumnal reds and yellow leaves.

It is time for stocking up with all the big coats and cosy jumpers, I had recently received this gorgeous coat from my friend Lee Murray who designs coats for retails, such as; Miss Selfridge & Urban Outfitters.
I believe this is a Miss Selfridge design & it is fabulous!
I do admit and you will notice this over a few posts, I am very fond of wearing “all black everything”… and so this is a very big applause to me haha.

I wasn’t able to find the specific coat, but i found a similar
Miss Selfridge coat

edit 04

I have paired this stunning coat, with a smart casual look, so it can suite any category. I have recently purchased this grey turtle neck cropped jumper from Missguided and I have to say I am very pleased with the quality, the style is a type of scuba knitting material, which looks very elegant.

I have been DYING to get a pair of ripped jeans, these are Topshop Leigh styled jeans and to be honest have never been a fan of this design, as I found the material poor quality and looses its fitting quite quickly but as well I find the Jonie Jeans VERY uncomfortable on my stomach… so I can’t win haha, but I am enjoying these for now.

To finish the fabulous look, I’ve gone for my bag of the season, surprise surprise ZARA!!! its such a bold bag, I believe that it is black with a slight tint of emerald-green, and my favourite boots, from Asos.

edit 02

MissGuided – cropped jumper 
 Topshop – moto black ripped leigh jeans
Asos – lace up boots
Zara bag 

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