The beginning of Textile BA

I thought I would start posting a visual diary of my journey with my Textile course,
It has been over 4 weeks, since I have been studying Textiles BA at Bournemouth University of Arts… it has gone so quickly. I have to say that I am really enjoying it, and would highly recommend going to Bournemouth University of Arts. We have been offered so much in the duration of being here, not only a lot of support but with in the course, we have already been offered a variety of trips, recently had a presentation with a high-end inspirational designer, Louise Alfree, who has had an inspiring career with a company called Hodge sellersand has had the opportunity to design for Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Alaia, Topshop, Calvin Klein and many more, which was so amazing.

It has been full on over these 4 weeks, we have been focusing exploring different textile techniques, with creating them around the theme ‘Nature and Organic structures’, We began with what we would explore around the selected title and I have been focusing on coral. Looking at the different ways of studying the subject, focusing on illustration, the structural, organic shapes and the colour palette

coral textile print

colour circle

 Here are a few of my favourite designs and a quick look of what I have been coming up with. I usually stay away from paint and stick to illustration with pens and pencils as it is easier to be reversible but I am surprisingly enjoying the style.

We have been introduced to a large range of textile techniques and it has been very over whelming but interesting in experiencing what are my strengths and weaknesses, so hopefully I will have more designs I can share with you.

Hope you enjoy my designs and keeping you in the loop with keeping my self up to date with my course stages.

Lots of Love xxx

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