Kevin Murphy

After featuring my Kevin Murphy – Damage Manager in my previous blog post, I’ve gone back for more!

Lets talk about Kevin Murphy’s products and how fabulous they are!
I have just recently been introduce to their products by the lovely Stephen Webb, Daniel Lustig and Jacqui Taylor, who use Kevin Murphy products with in their salon in Hurstpierpoint – Lustig and Webb Hairdressing salon. Because of their amazing performance and highest natural quality. Kevin Murphy products are designed to deliver high longevity, strength and beautiful quality performance, which is only from the best ingredients and whats better than nature? As well as Kevin Murphy hair products are sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free!

kevin murphy 04

So we are talking treatment time, Stephen Webb treated my hair with the ‘Angel‘ Range, which focuses on replenishing fine, damaged hair which has been coloured.

  1. Shampoo:  ANGEL.WASH, this product is enriched with proteins which control frizz.
  2. Treatment: ANGEL MASQUE, Which is a repairing and thickening conditioner and I will be using this once a week to restore life back into my hair. We left this product in for 5 to 10 minutes to allow my hair to soak up the nutrition.
    This product holds such pure ingredients such as Quinona Proteins, Lotus Flower and Bamboo Extracts, which promotes benefits like promoting hair growth, thickening and restoring moisture back into the hair.
  3. Conditioner: ANGEL RINSE, after rinsing the Angel Masque out, we used the Angel Rinse, which is a volumising conditioner, which does its part of not doubling but TRIPLING the nutrients we have restored back into my hair and many more benefit, but instead of my rambling on about each product and how amazing independently they are, look for your self!

kevin murphy 05

kevin murphy 08

Heat and colouring have damaged my hair immensely, due to not looking after my hair and protecting it. please please protect your hair, I regret it so much!

before styling my hair we spritz it with the ‘Damage Manager‘, which is a heat protector product and its name does not lie! I have been using this product since last week and honest to god I have noticed some difference. I have very fine hair, so to plump it up we used Body Mass, we ran it through layers of my hair to make sure it has extra strength, it made my hair appear thicker and fuller instantly… I am in love.

I cannot explain enough how wonderful these products are, the Kevin Murphy range is beautiful inside and out.

Thank you for reading, to all you lovely people and I hope I have given some wonderful tips about saving your hair!
Lots of Love xxx

Kevin Murphy 00

Photographer: Amelia Taylor
Product: Kevin Murphy.

Hairdresser : Stephen Webb
Location: Lustig and Webb Hairdressers

kevin murphy 07

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