YOU GOTTA GO PHÖ! – One of my favourite GF Restaurants

Phö – Vietnamese Restaurant

I thought I would start doing a review/ recommendations for Gluten Intolerant/ Healthy Restaurants, Just to show GF peeps a variation of restaurants where you can eat and just an excuse to share my fave fabulous restaurants!

Phö is one of my absolute favourite places to go! it is a Vietnamese restaurant which has a small amount of places it is branched in, they are mainly based in London and as well as in Brighton, which I go to, as that’s where I am based.

Honest to god guys, it is amazing here. Not only is the food incredible, fresh and reasonable price… it is gluten-free heaven!

The staff is so friendly and so caring when it comes to allergies and they don’t make you seem like an inconvenience. 

Gluten free peeps! …do you miss spring rolls?… look no further!
In this Blog post’s Image footer, is two starter plates, which I always always order and share, cause its hard to choose!
so, here we have ‘Gỏi cuốn’, which are fresh rice paper rolls which is filled with herbs, vegetables with the addition of your choice of adding prawns, chicken or keeping to the veggies, and ‘Chả giò’ which IS SO SO GOOD! beautifully crispy spring rolls, which are filled with vegetables with a choice of adding pork and both dishes are served with dipping sauces…its all about the peanut sauce, it’s so damn good!… did I mention too much praise about these dishes… haha?!



I either chose between two dishes; Vermicelli Rice Noddles or Pho Xao
And today I went for Vermicelli rice noodles; ‘with a lemongrass and chilli wok-fried topping, served with fresh herbs, beansprouts and a veggie spring roll and peanuts.’
The dishes do come out in quite big portions, but like this dish, it is quite light as it is not fried and it is fresh, you do have a choice of meat or vegetarian option with this dish and I usually go for the vegetarian choice as I find meat a very filling addition.

In this image it features the Vermicelli Rice Noddles and  Pho Xao dish in the bacground.

pho 01

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and go to try out Phö Vietnamese. This is my place to go with my friends and family!

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend
Lots of Love xxx

Photographed by Amelia Taylor
Features Harvey Taylor and Kieran Murray
Phö Viernamese Restaurant in Brighton

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