It is coming up to Halloween, so gives me the excuse to pop in some posts on make up design tutorials.

This is something a little bit different, not your typical skeleton or vampire!
I went for a more futuristic Alien theme.

mermaid 00


So you are going to need a base, here I used the ‘Snazaroo’ water-based white paint applying it with a damp sponge to create an evan application.

Contour using a coloured powder (eye-shadow) of your choice, with a brush.
I choose three tones of red; light, medium and dark. To create a more effective contour, start from using the lightest in a wider space and working your way to the dark shade focusing more on the structured area. Contour the inner brow and down the nose as well as the cheek bone structure.

With the eyes, I styled the look with a smokey deep purple, to make the eyes pop. I also applied eye-liner and false eye lashes.

With the same colour palette, (red) apply red paint onto the eyebrows and lips to make the main features more visible and to bring the look together.

Leave the best bit till last! THE SCALES! easiest and coolest technique, by simply using chicken wire/ fish net tights etc, place the material like a stencil on the area you want it to be applied and with a sponge dab the colour over the top.

To top it off you could add some glitter or some different coloured contact lenses!


Hope I have inspired you guys and Happy Halloween!
Lots of Love xxx

Make-Up and Photographed by Amelia Taylor

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