Make-Course: gory wound

Well doesn’t this look appetising! Today in class we learnt how to create wounds using FX wax and sculpturing cuts into the skin.
I learnt about what weapons create different wounds and how the skin turns different colour shades with different traumas.


Creating a base, with shades of dark reds and purples, as the skin has been damaged and this is how it would react, creating a bruise area. Then applying the FX wax and sculpturing it onto the skin.

Now filling in the sculpted wound with black, brown and purple with in the to create depth and hints of lighter red on the out area, where it is more fresh. To finish it off, with my finger I lightly dabbed dark purple and red to blend the connection of the skin and the wax.

Too finish it off, obviously it needs some fake blood, I add a light quantity and allowed it to drip out of the wound.
I love my outcome, looks so insane!
Next week we are designing our own casualty, which will be gory…but fabulous!
So keep eyes posted for next week!

Hope you have enjoyed my post,
lots of love xxx

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