Blistering and Cuts FX

So in today’s make-up lesson I learnt about creating burns onto the skin, I learnt how to create this effect using Gelatine for the traumatised skin, which is falling off.


I used a special effect industry gelatine but you can also use food store gelatine. Before preparing the gelatine, I created a base of bruising on the skin, darkening selected areas where I would create the raw open flesh cuts and this is to form depth into the blistering.
So now with the Gelatine, I cut the gelatine in small pieces, place in a mircrowavable bowl and melt it in the microwave for 10 seconds and then it is ready to apply. With blistering, with what it looks like, is dependant on what weapon/object  invents the damage. So I focused on common blistering such as hand blisters and splashing boiling water onto the hand. I applied the gelatine with a wooden spatular and let it dry. After the application I finished the wounds off with colouring, using grease based colour products. I used Red, Purple and Black for the cuts and lighter Reds, Pinks and Beige for the damaged skin.

So it does look very gruesome, but I am so proud I have invented these special effects & wanted to share!
Hope you enjoy
Lots of Love

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