Have your Cake and eat it!

As we all know the gyms are packed and the smoothies and no carbs is the diet…you need your carbs! and also you need a treat! but if you don’t want to ruin your diet then this cake is for you!

You can evan have it for breakfast….

This is my take on of Banana cake;

1 cup of gluten free oats
1 cup of dairy free milk (almond, oat, coconut or rice milk)
3 bananas
Baking powder
Handful of raisins
Ground Cinnamon
Dark coffee chocolate

Turn the oven on to 180*

I used a smoothie maker to create the mixture, in the blender two chopped up bananas, 1 tbls of baking soda, cup of oats and 1 cup of milk and blend this well.

In a loaf tin, pour in over half of the mixture and create a layer of the last chopped up banana, sprinkle the raisins, couple tbls of ground cinnamon and chunks of dark coffee chocolate.

after pour the rest on top, to cover the fillings and if its not enough to cover create another mixture set,  so it ends up like a sandwich! To finish off I added a dusting of cinnamon

Put it in the oven for 30 mins, I have made this recipe up so if doesn’t acuratly fill the tin or cook for exact 30 mins, just keep checking up on it until you think it is ready.



This is so delicious, this went very quickly when I made this for my family and I did end up having some for breakfast as this loaf is healthy!

Hope you guys try it out this weekend and enjoy!

Lots of Love


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