South Coast Roast

I wanted to explore cafes in Bournemouth for Sunday Brunching and the first place I wanted to visit was South Coast Roast, in the town centre of Bournemouth, a little way up Richmond Hill (next to Coriander Mexican Restaurant).

South Coast Roast’s specialty is their coffee, which I took mine with Almond milk and it was so soft and creamy.

This was a really quirky cafe, filled with urban deco furniture and coffee accessories. The atmosphere and the staff were so friendly and kind. This is the first cafe which made me feel the vibe of the sea side and surfing culture and it was just so cool and had a hint of an Amsterdam theme.

Laurie and I both went for the ‘Morning Glory’ which was set like a plough-mans board, For gluten free they did gluten free tortillas and for normal, sourdough bread.
I wasn’t expecting it to be presented like this, I was imagining a breakfast style but this was so delicious! Our favourite was the smashed avocado and Chilli Jam!

I had also picked up some gluten free and vegan energy bars, amongst all the other amazing gluten free cake selections. the energy bar were filled with dates, nuts, cocoa and hemp.

any one around Bournemouth should check it out and will defiantly be coming back again!