Almond Iced Coffee

Definitely needed one of these this morning, its been a hectic and amazing year and today I finally had a break to re-think and get back into blogging this summer, as I have missed it a lot. It will be a mixture of food, travelling, designs, working with designers and magazines and fashion. I hope you enjoy!

So to start off, I’m going to show my healthy take on of an iced coffee. I have never really enjoyed dairy products, and finding out the amount of negativity which is does to our body and the environment it gave me more a reason to ditch it… I do have it on occasions but rarely.

Recently I have really enjoyed coffee…drinking it and using coffee scrub on my body, but i will leave that to another day!
So in my house we have a Krups coffee machine and we use Nespresso coffee capsules, and I won’t lie its my favourite coffee!


so what you will need is:

So hope you get some inspiration from this, keep an eye out cause more posts will be coming your way.

lots of love

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