Healthy Treat

So if you are like me, and try to be really healthy, but every now and then…. or always need  a treat, heres a fun healthy idea,

Chocolate coated strawberries! 

IMG_5297you can do this with you left over easter eggs, for movie nights, or if you have a girls night, anything! a healthy dessert!

So all you will need is Strawberries and Dark Chocolate. Yes dark because otherwise its not as healthy and do not worry the sweetness of the fruit hides the bitterness of the dark chocolate.
You can evan mix it up with different fruit, like bananas, mango any thing, also dried fruit!

The chocolate I am using is Montezuma’s Dark chocolate with cocoa nibs.

quick and easy steps

  1. wash your fruit!
  2. break up all the chocolate into a bowl and place in the microwave for about 2 minutes and every now and then take it out stir until done.
  3. dips the fruit in the chocolate and place on plates.
  4. place in the fridge for a minimum of 15 minutes

Hope you guys enjoy and try this out!

Lots of Love



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