Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar

It’s Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! I’ve came back to blogging, as I have some helpful posts to share with you, about presents and outfits for this festive season, so keep in tune!

Over Christmas I was very blessed to receive a Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar! Click here to get your hands on one!
and I wanted to share how worth while it is, if it’s to get for yourself or your loved ones and maybe this will help with next year advent calendars. These calendars are very high end so I thought it would be good to go through the products with you as I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic.

So in this advent calendar, you have 12 boxes to open without any dates, so you can do as you please. I started roughly a couple a weeks ago and have just finished opening the final one, as well as finish the first product I received! 

This First box, No. 1,  had a small sample pot of MAGIC CREAM , which is my absolute favourite face moisturiser I have tried! Unfortunately the price is a high end price…being £70, which I haven’t purchased before but last year Charlotte Tilbury gave me one of these samples pots and have missed it ever since, so I was very excited when I found this! This Pot is a probably a third of the actual pot but lasted me up to a couple of weeks, applying twice a day. And this cleared my face up and hydrated my face and wish I could have it in my life every day! fullsizeoutput_c3

The next box No. 2, had one of the ‘Hot Lips Lipstick’ in the shade Penelope Pink which is such a lovely natural colour. I have a few of her other shades such as Bond Girl and Bitch Perfect , and have recommended them to friends and family, due to their high quality consistency and they give a really elegant matte finish but it doesn’t dry your lips out. I would describe the Penelope Pink as a darker shade in comparison to Bitch Perfect, which I think I will get more use out of . I either apply Ginger Lip Liner by Kylie Jenner or Pillow Talk Lip Liner also by Charlotte Tilbury before I apply Penelope Pink.fullsizeoutput_cf

No. 3, was Wonder Glow which is such a handy little accessory to have for the Christmas Parties, a way I can explain it, is that it’s like a primer for under your foundation, a prep to give a hydration and glowing base. So get this if you feel you are looking hung over after Christmas eve/day/boxing day & new years day!!!

No. 4 is a Colour Chameleon in the shade Black Diamonds, which is a chunky charcoal with silver glitter eyeshadow pencil, which I have only used once so far in my own way. So the way I applied this was using this in the corner of my eyes to create a darker smoke. Where as Charlotte Tilbury applies it all over the lid and does look amazing, but personally heavy eye makeup is not my style. fullsizeoutput_e2


No.5 is a little Pocket Pout compact red lipstick in the shade Jessica Red, Which unfortunatley I can not find on Charlotte Tilbury’s website but the shade is similar to Lip Lustre Gloss, in the shade Red Vixen and K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Love Bite Red. I would say its like a red tinted lip balm and I keep it in my bag to use through out the day!fullsizeoutput_d9fullsizeoutput_de

No. 6, is a small sample of the Multi Miracle Glow which is a life saver, it is a balm/mask which I put on at night time every now and then and it is full of vitamins and anti wrinkle benefits! either I put this all over my face or in areas of my face which have dry areas or wrinkles.


No.7, is a small sample of Legendary Lashes Mascara, which unfortunately I am unable to use at the moment as I have Lash extensions in, which is done by the amazing MH Lashes but I have heard a lot of good things about this little mascara, Charlotte Tilbury wanted to create a mascara which gave the ability to give it all, with voluming, extending and hydrating the lashes. I saw an interview of Charlotte Tilbury explaining why she created this product and it was due to putting multiple of mascaras on the models behind the scenes of the catwalks and she wanted one which did it all!fullsizeoutput_48fullsizeoutput_49

No. 8, is a little Take it all off make up remover. This so perfect for travelling! My boyfriend and my 5th anniversary is coming up and we are having a little get away and this is a perfect travel size make up remover! perfect for long flights or little get aways.fullsizeoutput_50fullsizeoutput_4a

No. 9, Super Model Body, which is a perfect little gem for when your wearing your Christmas outfit and getting the legs out! it gives a perfect gold shimmery glow. This advent calendar is so perfect for testing the products out before buying the bigger products!fullsizeoutput_4c

No. 1o This product is a long lasting easy application cream eyeshadow,  Eyes To Mesmerise in the shade Jean. You can either apply this on its own or on the eyelid and blend with a blending brush or other ways I would use this is with having a matte base eyeshadow, like a bronzed brown and then apply the product on top to give it my depth and warmth as well as eyeliner on top. I would recommend a liquid eyeliner, because other eyeliners could smudge the other products off.fullsizeoutput_96fullsizeoutput_93fullsizeoutput_52

No. 11, is the Goddess Skin Clay Mask, which ironically have been eager to try but I always want to try a tester first before purchasing due to I have quite sensitive skin and easily can react to products. But I have been using this tester a couple of times now and believe I could get one or two more uses out of it! The mask is a clay formula, but what I like about it is that it doesn’t dry rock hard onto your face and it still leaves a light moisturising texture. It smells like roses and so relaxing to have on in the evenings. fullsizeoutput_54

No. 12, The Final One! A Mini Lip Lustre in the shade Sweet Stiletto, which goes together perfectly with the Penelope Pink Lipstick. I am not a massive fan of gloss as it always leaves a sticky layer on my lips, which doesn’t sink in and all my hair blows into it! This is a very light base gloss and isn’t heavy and moisturising your lips at the same time. Another way of using this, is when wearing a matte lipstick all day and your lips do dry out and in the end doesn’t look that good, I intend to put a little bit of this on too keep it going.fullsizeoutput_91fullsizeoutput_b2fullsizeoutput_83

And that is it for today! I really hope you enjoyed this and hope this has helped with last minute Christmas presents this year, as well as helped with planing next year Christmas advent calendars and presents. All though these are high end advent calendars and are quite costly, I believe they are worth it, as you get a mix of mini products, which gives you or your friends and family the opportunity to trial products before purchasing the actual product.


Hope you enjoyed!

Lots of Love


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