A Gluten Free Breakfast At Coho Cafe | Brighton

One of my favourite places to go for breakfast in Brighton is Cafe Coho, a small little coffee shop, with a beautiful selection of yummy food and drinks. They have a lot of gluten free options in the cake section too, I saw a gluten free salted Carmel brownie!!! For a couple years I’ve been really strict on meat consumption but I’ve been re-blessed with bacon, and as its Christmas haha! 

I’m gonna go through the layers, bottom to top! So we start with the gluten free toast topped with fresh guacamole topped with smoked bacon, poached eggs and harrissa chilli sauce…. Hope I made you all hungry! Oh and a soya matcha latte! 

Really recommend this little cafe in Brighton and its close to Churchill square!

Hope you enjoy, have an amazing Christmas 
Lots of love 

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