What I Got For Christmas


What a lovely day it was yesterday and we get to do it all again today! Yesterday my family hosted Christmas day at ours, we did it a bit different this year, we did a party instead of a sit down meal and it was so lovely. My dad and mum cooked an amazing feast, lots of bubbles and dancing. We spent it with a lovely group of friends and family. Today we are going to the Murray’s house, one of our family friends and having chilli con carne & live singing xxxx

For this post today, I thought I would share some of the Christmas Present I received from family & friends as they are so lovely, and such special gifts.


So, here we go! from my parents I received a box of Origins! I did know I was getting this present, as Mum and I went to the Origins counter and they show us this amazing deal! As you may know Origins is quite a high end product and so this is a really fantastic idea! this box is worth £150 when adding all the normal sized products together, but for this box it was £40!!!! and since receiving this yesterday I can’t stop using it. My next post I will be posting will be a review on the products, so keep an eye out! But I will say I used the spot healer yesterday and my face has instantly cleaned up this morning!fullsizeoutput_1ef

I have never ever owned Jo Malone and it has been top top top of the list and have been dying to have it! so I was very lucky this Christmas, and received this box. My mum has the ‘Pomegranate Noir’ which, I’ve always adored but I recently went to Jo Malone and fell in love with ‘Blackberry & Bay’, My Parents got this for me and were confused which scent to get and so they were able to buy both of these bottles which make up for one big one.fullsizeoutput_1f5fullsizeoutput_1fafullsizeoutput_129fullsizeoutput_1ff

I did a blog post about Kevin Murphy last year, when I was invited to do a blog post about my friend Stephen Webb’s salon and their new product range of Kevin Murphy. I wrote about the range ‘ANGEL’, so check it out. Kevin Murphy Blog Post


My Brother and I were very fortunate to receive an iPhone 6s each!


I am so in love!!! OOOOOO I am a very big stationary geek! I’ve been so desperate to get one of these ‘Oh deer’ Diaries from Urban Outfitters and My lovely friend got me this baby blue one for Christmas. I love the style of it, it doesn’t have a date on the pages, you can do as you please, it can be for the day or month and each page has a ‘to do list’, ‘notes’ and other little sections!


The last present I will share with you, is this GIN KIT! ahhh the amount of Gin associated presents I have received this month for my birthday and Christmas! So this cute little box is a ‘make your own gin’! so I will be sharing a post about this soon too!


Hope every one had a lovely Christmas & Thank you for reading this post!

lots of love


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