Origins Gift Box

So, for one of my Christmas Presents I received an Origins Gift Box! This was an amazing deal, as the box was worth £150 but with mini sizes of the products, it came to £40! …£40! which is amazing! I think this is such a good idea, as you are able to try all the products out, before committing to buy the actual product prices! So if you haven’t tried these out or interested in buying one, I am going to write a review of each product, so keep reading!


So the First product I have picked up is this ‘Checks and Balances’ face wash, which originally comes at the price of £16.50, which I use in the shower only once a day, usually at night time after taking my makeup off. I use this whilst in the shower because it is so much easier then washing your face over the sink. I apply this to my face with warm water and massage it over my face and then use the ‘Skincare Tool’ soft exfoliating brush to make sure if removes any excess dirt. This product is one I have been using a lot out of the products, it is very soothing as well as gentle when getting into your eyes.


The next product is another one I use in the shower ‘GinZing’ Scrub cleanser, which comes at the price of £15. I use an exfoliating face scrub every time I go in the shower, as it removes any dry skin, blemishes and wakes up your face…and you! The smell of this product is so so good! it smells of Terry’s Chocolate Orange! haha!
So if you haven’t already realised, The Gift box has 10 items in the box, with being the price of £40… and I have just shown you two! coming to the price of…£31.50… I think I got a good deal!


One of the mini products I received was this Origins ‘VitaZing SPF 15’which is a Moisturiser and the original products comes at the price of £29, I apply this one on in the morning, because you are supposed to apply an SPF to your face everyday even on a cloudy day! this also gives a tinted glowing effect, which is lovely for a base before applying my make up.


I love a good face mask! if you know me, I pretty much have 3-4 a week! not even joking… and I don’t always want to buy the big products, before testing them out, to see if they work for me. This is a mini version of the ‘Original Skin’ Rose Clay Mask, which comes at the price of £24, I do have a mask from Origins last year which is the ‘Active Charcoal Mask’, which is also the same price and is a really good value as you can get a lot of use out of it…mine is still going! So the Original Skin Rose Clay Mask is one of their classics as I feel that it is suited for everyone, as it is so gentle to the skin.fullsizeoutput_1b6.jpegfullsizeoutput_1d2.jpeg

Another Moisturiser I received was this ‘Make A Difference Plus+’  which comes at the price of £34. I do have to say I have really enjoyed the moisturisers in this box, they all have been so hydrating and gentle to my skin. I would use this one as an everyday moisturiser and you don’t need a lot and a small amount goes along way.


Some little treats I got as well were this Hand Cream and Body Cream 


And so I have left the two miracle workers till last!!!! I put these on the night of Christmas day and texting my friend the next morning straight away to get these!!!! So recently I have been getting spots, I never really got spots, but I guess its the weather, change of make up products etc. So my spots have really got me down… So the first product which is this Mini version of the ‘Drink Up Intensive’ is an overnight mask, its a thick moisturiser and it really does what it says! my skin felt so amazing the next day. You would apply it like a moisturiser but maybe a tiny bit more, but don’t apply it actually like a mask!

The final beauty! is the small bottle of ‘Super Spot Remover’ this is the bomb! and I will be stocking up on these all the time. It is a bottle of gel which you apply a small amount onto the blemishes/spots and leave it on, I would recommend doing it at night time or a day you aren’t wearing make up. So after applying you will feel it working, it might have a fresh sting for a couple of minutes but after that it soothes. The reason for the sting is because you are having a reaction to it, its because the spots are a raw and traumatised area of the skin.  I had an underneath spot which was a lump of pain and I couldn’t get rid of it and now after applying this Super Spot Remover it has really calmed down!


So these are all the products which came in my Origins Gift Box and I am really pleased with the products and I think after I have Finished all of them I will be Purchasing some of the original products.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hope it helped with ideas of what to get

thank you for reading

lots of love


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