BAKED | Hove | Gluten Free


So it is my first week back at University for the next term. I swear the Christmas Holidays went too fast! I have had such a lovely time though, its been so perfect and busy. At first coming home for my 21st Birthday Party, which was so much fun! I had my girls from university come down, friends from London, school friends and work friends! It was such a special night!

Then having a good run of Christmas events with my Gin company Mama Gin, Christmas with all the friends and family and then New Years Eve and my boyfriend, Laurie and my anniversary. We spent our anniversary at Alexandra House, which I did a blog post about! my link to my post is here or check Alexandra House’s website. So it’s been such a lovely time home! So before I went back to University, my friend Helena and I love our food dates! we always try out new places in Brighton & Hove. We went for brunch in Hove, it was such a beautiful day! It was a crisp morning with the winter sun beaming down on Brighton…the sun was actually blinding me haha, (wish I bought my glasses) but anyway we were on the hunt for some perfect poached eggs and we went to the right place! BAKED! I’ve recently been dissatisfied with not receiving the perfect poached eggs in others places I’ve been too, so today better be the day!

One of my new year goals is to try and stop drinking coffee, I got into a little addiction and recently I have over-done it. It’s made my mind feel restless and also my belly does suffer from it sometimes. So new year and sadly no coffee. I had a Ginger Green tea and Helena went for a latte. For brunch I went for the BEAUTIFULLY poached eggs… Avocado, Salmon and a spicy tomato sauce on top of some gluten free bread! Helena went for the BEAUTIFULLY poached eggs, with avocado, feta and a basil sauce! Changing the game up! It looked scrumptious!


I would really recommend this cafe! It was so sweet and delicious! For future posts I’ve decided some will be recommendations of restaurants and cafes, some will be in Brighton & Hove, and others in Bournemouth. As I’m going back for University, so I hope these will be handy for preparation for the weekends, if you get stuck on where to go!

Thank you for reading guys & hope I made you hungry! I’ve linked BAKED’s website, menu and address down below.

lots of love



(Not on the menu but do have gluten free bread)

69 Church Road,
Hove BN3 2BB
Tel: 01273 773877


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