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Happy Sunday, hope everyone had a lovely weekend and prepared for the week to come!

Here is another lovely Brighton restaurant review

As you may know I love going out for food and drinks, exploring different restaurants, cultures, fresh food and fun atmosphere. One place I have been dying to go to is a fish restaurant in Brighton, Riddle and Finns. The interior is so beautiful with an old english style with high tables, marble surfaces and on going candles. I went with my lovely friend Kieran and both our mums and what a fantastic night it was. We obviously had to start with some prosecco, the bread come and they were so kind, when they were aware I was gluten free, they came with buckwheat flour mini pancakes, which were so delicious and light.
(For people who don’t, know buckwheat is a gluten free alternative grain)


For starters I saw sashimi and made up my mind up then and there, I am a massive fan of sushi and where else to have high quality sashimi than a fresh fish restaurant, it was so amazing. The sashimi had raw salmon, scallops, tuna and white fish served with wasabi, seaweed and pickled ginger. Other starters were the Calamari with a ginger and peanut dipping sauce, sadly not gluten free but looked amazing!
For main I had a starter portion of ginger and chilli mussels with a side of vegetables, Mussels usually come with a creamy white wine sauce which isn’t my favourite but this was another level! so amazing. After we met up with our lovely girl Georgia and went for far to many cocktails at ‘Be At One‘, I just love it in there, such a fun cocktail bar!



Hope you enjoy this restaurant post, please if you are from Brighton or coming to Brighton, try these places out! Maybe a good inspiration for a Valentines night?

Lots of Love

Riddle & Finn website
Riddle & Finn menu
Brighton Be At One

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