Why I’ve Become A Blogger?

Hello everyone,

I thought I would share why and how I decided to become a blogger and a little about me. I started initially getting into blogging a few years ago when I started University, I am studying Textiles BA (Hons). I have always been passionate about designing, this is evident of my art education so far and I wanted a space to express my thoughts and creations. I think blogging came naturally to me as I wanted a place to express my thoughts, I guess blogging to me, gave me a writing sanctuary where I could write and write without any grade being slapped all over it. I find it is also somewhere where I could write what I wanted in a more informal and personal way.

I think starting a blog back in my first year, whilst getting into University, was a challenge in its self. Having the time to settle in and juggle university alone was very daunting. Keeping an active blog on top of this was just too much and unfortunately I couldn’t handle it as I had to focus on my studies. I kept comparing my strengths to others and it wasn’t right, so I left blogging to focus on myself. I started back along on that path not long afterwards by slowly taking images of my outfits and how I styled them on Instagram  (@ameliagtaylor). This would make it very easy to dip back into blogging every now and then. A lot of you have asked me to start a youtube channel, but that is very scary for me at the moment haha. Unexpectedly, it was my medical health that gave me the spark to go back into blogging again. If you saw my latest blog post, it explained how I was diagnosed with cancer, and in some way, it allowed me to change my aspect of things, thinking more positively, not dwelling on stress and telling myself ‘I don’t have time for that.’ It gave me inspiration to write on more personal topics that we all feel and go through, and with my ‘Diagnosed With Cancer’ post, so many of you got in touch, which was very touching and the blog really gave me a sense of a strong community.

I am currently loving what I am doing at the moment and have had such an amazing time. I am so blessed I have a little supportive team behind me and supportive influencers I’ve met along the way. It goes to show, when you look out for one and other, you build each others confidence, it makes you stronger and makes you more creative.

I thought I would share some little tips, which have helped me start up a blog

  • Have a friend or family member to check your grammar: this has helped with me making more sense grammatically and making my blog posts more professional.
  • Photography, I personally think more quality photos are key, I have an Olympus Pen E-PL7 Camera (updated one) Get your friends and family to take photos of what you are wearing, when you are out and about. For blog content photography, my star Jess and I will do a morning of shooting outfits and then go off for breakfast! So make fun of it! I also collaborate with photographers like Jutta Klee, who is so magical with photography. (Jutta’s instagram page @JuttaKlee)
  • Join the community! It is all well and good having high quality photos, but you need to be active with social media, introduce yourself and talk to other bloggers and your followers.

Outfit – Mimi and Bow Jacket, Asos Tutu, Nuckre earrings and Zara Boots

Thank you for reading and the amazing support

Lots of Love


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  1. shelaghw says:

    I love reading your blogs Amelia 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kim says:

    I too started a blog so that I could share my passions freely. Really loved this post, thanks for sharing!


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