Eating In With Amelia: Pesto Pesto

Happy Monday every body, so I have some blog posts up my sleeve and thought I would share a little food post on this fine Monday. A fresh beginning to the week and something you might want to try during the week and I hope you enjoy.

I personally think pesto is so underrated … especially when its fresh! fresh pesto sauce reminds me of oh the beautiful nights in my university house where my friend jess would be making the most awful high pitch scretchy noise with the mini food processor at 9pm in preparation for her pesto pasta…oh I miss that noise… haha!

So I’ve been experimenting with the good old dip and tried some different ingredients and from my family and my opinion… not going to lie it was bloody delicious… so you are welcome,

So i’ve thought not only for pasta but as a dressing or dip for salads or sweet potato wedges, as bikini body is only round the corner haha!


Cashew Nuts
Olive oil
Garlic Cloves
Salt and Pepper





you will need a blender or food processor and this is so easy to wiz up!

so firstly put a handful and half of cashews into the frying pan, with medium heat and let them roast for 3-5 minutes and keep checking on them whilst prepping the other ingredients.

In the smoothie blender or processor add in the rest of the ingredients, more than a handful of basil, the juice of a lemon and lime, a garlic clove or two (your own preference can add bit by
bit), dash of olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. Once the cashew nuts are a little roasted… not burnt haha add in.

blend it up!! and either serve straight away or I placed in a jar in the fridge to cool it down and served it with a summer salad and later for dinner had some with sweet potato chips!!!!


lots of love

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