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Hello lovelies, it’s that time of year again. Some of us are not as fortunate as others to be blessed with natural bronzed glowy skin, so I thought I would share some products which I have been trying out and using, as you guys have been asking. I use fake tan, as I don’t tan very well. I do tan but not in comparison to my family and I am not as tanned as I would like to be, so these are some products I am currently using.


Key: Moisturiser is a key thing to have in your fake tanning routine, as if you suffer from dry skin or eczema, the fake tan can collect stronger in these areas and leave uneven and dark patches. So firstly body moisturise, I use Aveeno, which I have been doing continuously for over a year now, as I think it has been really helping my skin. I do use Nivea from time to time, but Aveeno is something my family have been using for years, for myself and my brothers when we suffer with sore, irritated skin.
For my face, I use La Roche Posay, which is an angel sent from heaven!!!!! Over the last couple of years I have been really suffering with my face, especially around my chin with ongoing breakouts, blemishes and scaring. This year I decided to experiment with different products and I was recommended La Roche Posay by several of you guys, and cannot thank you enough!!! I won’t ramble on about my skin care routine, but basically it has cleared my skin up massively and would love to trial out more of this brand! But anyway, as I said it’s important to moisturise your face, to avoid uneven patches.


Body Tanning, with TAN-LUXE & Bondi Sands.
So I came across TAN-LUXE only recently on social media, via influencer’s Instagram stories. They got in contact with me, to trial out some of their products and see what I thought. I received TAN-LUXE ‘The Body’ & TAN-LUXE ‘The Face’ and I was super excited to try these out as I love this style of tanning application, as it is a little less scary. Firstly I will talk about the body tanning: So the directions are basically you add 2-6 drops of the TAN-LUXE ‘The Body’ into your body moisturiser for each part of the body. I really wanted to try more natural/clear fake tan products as it seems easier for application and all round even coverage. I have been trying this for a couple of days and really enjoying it, it is a slower process however I prefer the gradual tanning process cause it is easier not to go wrong… haha!


Bondi Sands ‘Liquid Gold’ Fake Tan for body; I’ve been using this tanning product for over a year now and for a quick, one application tan, it is so so good and I love the tan it gives and a few of my girls use it as well! would highly recommend… However don’t wear blister plasters as it will peal the tan off! Other than that it is my favourite fake tan, at the moment.


Face Tanning,
My face is always always always!!! paler in comparison to my body. I do usually keep my face in the shade and as well, I always put a stronger spf on my face. So the process I use for my face, is used both with moisturiser, which makes it super easy.


So as I said I use La Roche- Posay Moisturise, which also has spf 30 – It’s fabulous!  Recently I have been swapping between two products and I am really torn between which one I prefer! So firstly the Clarins ‘Radiance- Plus Golden Glow’, which I have been using for years and the other one is new into my Self Tanning Routine, which is TAN-LUXE ‘The Face’. And the process I do with tanning my face is adding droplets on my hand with the moisturiser, and mixing it up and applying it to my face. The best thing about this is that you can tailor it, dependant on how many drops you add.


So that is my current self- tanning routine, I hope it was useful and inspiring! I have linked products throughout the post, however I have listed all the links together down below, so thank you for reading and let me know what you use!
Lots of Love




Clarins Radiance Glow 
Tan-Luxe ‘The Face’
Tan-Luxe ‘The Body’
Aveeno moisturiser
La Roche-Posay Moisturiser
Bondi Sands Liquid Gold

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