Gin Thursday 00 | Blueberry Smash

Happy Thursday! it is nearly the weekend and I wanted to bring something new and on going on my blog and that is ‘Gin Thursdays’, I love cooking, being creative and quite frank I bloody love gin!

So as most of you will know that I am actually part of a Gin company – Mama Gin! Myself and my friend Eliot, created the company though sharing a love of Gin a few years ago. Mama Gin is a Sussex based local gin mobile pop up bar and is amazing for any event! And Mama Gin cocktails shall be featured as well on ‘Gin Thursday’
Mama Gin Website

Mama Gin Instagram

This cocktail is made with a cocktail shaker, if you don’t have one no worries,
you can still make the cocktail by just pouring the ingredients. But here are some amazon cocktail shakers if in need, some are on amazon prime xxxx

  1. Amazon current best seller (Click here)
  2. Cocktail Kit (Click here)
  3. Really cool set (Click here)

For glasses to be served in, if you haven’t got any martini glasses that is absolutely fine! You can use any glass and a wine glass would do perfectly as well!

Before starting the cocktail, place some ice cubes in the glasses to keep it cool!

Ingredients – per serving

Handful of ice

50ml of Tom Cat Blueberry Gin (Click Here) Or Another brand (Click Here)

Juice of Half a Lemon

Dash of Sugar Syrup
(You can buy it however so simple to make, basically a 2:1 ratio of water and granulated sugar, a few recipes online.)

75ml Apple Juice

Handful of Mint

Add the Gin, Ice, juice of Lemon, Sugar syrup, few Mint leaves and Apple juice into the cocktail cup, Shake together for a good few seconds. After shaken well, remove the ice from the glass and strain the liquid into a martini glass (or what is available). You can leave the ice in, depending on preferences, if you aren’t using a cocktail shaker pour the ingredients in over some ice.

Final touch garnish with some fresh mint leaves

hope you try this out, hope you enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

thank you lovelies




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