Gin Thursday 01 |Watermelon Thirst

Here we are again! I’ve been so excited to start getting into the ‘Gin Thursday’ routine, as I was supposed to start three weeks ago, but classic mills…she forgot didn’t she! Anyway very proud of myself today, as I am currently in Spain, everyone is slowly arriving for the big weekend, and I wanted to get this ‘Gin Thursday’ posted! Enough rambling…

As I said, I am currently in Spain and we are staying in a Villa, so I thought I would do a simple one today. It’s a quick at home/on holiday recipe, we are talking WATERMELOOOON! 


You will need;

1 Medium Watermelon
3 Lime
Handful Mint
…& a fork!

So I bought a quarter of a watermelon from the supermarket and used half of that for two people. First dissect the watermelon into a bowl and mash with a fork!

Squeeze in the juice of 2 Limes, keep tasting for personal preferences.

Gin – I am using Larios, for a litre it was only 11 Euro’s…. I always get my gin in spain rather than duty free!

In your serving glass put in 3-4 ice cubes and 50ml of gin.

Poor in the pulped juice into your serving glasses over some ice, and muddle some mint leaves.

Garnish with a sprig of mint and slice of lime and you are good to go!

Hope you have a lovely weekend guys! If you do try this out please #ginthursdayxameliataylor , as I would love too see your photos, and I will share them!

Thank you guys!


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