Gin Thursday 04 |Mango Passion

Happy Gin Thursday guys!

Holding on to summer a little bit longer with a delicious tropical holiday cocktail: Mango Passion! I am off to Italy this weekend and I wanted to get in the mood! This Cocktail was by Mama Gin and we wanted to share this with you! For this cocktail we will be using a Sussex gin, Tom Cat. Tom Cat has created a cloudy mango gin, which is one of our favourite gins and is something that is truly different to other flavoured gins.

The Cloudy mango gin, includes botanicals; Juniper, Orgs Root, Coriander, Orange Peel, Cardamon and Lemon Peel.

Firstly, You will need a cocktail shaker.


50ml Tom Cat Cloudy Mango Gin

A Table Spoon of Cream of Coconut

75ml of Passionfruit Juice

Half a Lemon


An Orange.


Fill your serving glass with ice, to keep the glass cold!

Place all the ingredients except the orange into the cocktail shaker, and give a good shake!!

Empty the glass full of ice.

Strain the content into the glass.

Peel the orange, and use for garnish!


Hope you enjoy and have a good weekend!

lots of love


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