A colour which is very in this Autumn 2018 is RED RED RED! Which I am loving adding into my style at the moment! So here is a quick 10 SHADES OF RED.

So I have collected a mixture of style and application, so hopefully a style would suit you!

  1. Karen Millen Leopard Print Maxi Dress (Click Here)
  2. OX Blood Nails from B.W Nails (Click Here)  
  3. Loavies Red Skirt (Click Here)
  4. Karen Millen Faux Fur Coat (Click Here)
  5. Topshop Burgundy Suit (Click Here)
  6. Miss Selfridges Leopard Print Denim Skirt (Click Here)
  7. Mulberry Oxblood Amberley Clutch Bag  (Click Here)
  8. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Bond Girl (Click Here)


  9. Travel with Lulu Guiness | Small Suit Case (Click Here) | Vanity Case (Click Here)
  10. River island Red Jacquard Tie Wrap Front Kimono (Click Here) 


    Lots of Love,

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! I am a Postgraduate Designer based in Brighton UK. Just trying to find my feet, in where I would love to pursue my career and gratefully my social media platforms are giving me that opportunity currently. My blog consists of all lifestyle questions, my travels, of course gin cocktails and sharing my style. So I hope you enjoy! Thank you xxx

2 comments on “10 SHADES OF RED

  1. Keep sharing, stay motivated


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