Interior: The Statement Chair

Hello everybody, long time no see!

Just jumping on here to write a little more than a caption about something which I believe deserves a little extra. I have been dying to delve into writing about interior design, as it is one of my absolute dearest interests.

I wanted to start with; how to make a statement in your home.
I love the idea of being able to play with styles, colours and textures to dress a room to create it your own. A style which expresses you and what makes you feel at home. An accent furniture can be a true investment, when chosen right. It can be a piece that stands out within your room, adding definition, a thrill, a statement.

You will be amazed how this one statement piece can instantly transform a room.

When desiring to decorate or change up your style, either to freshen it up, or to give your chosen room a bit of life! A key factor is, the statement piece needs to suite any style, any room and it has to be a versatile piece to complement any change. A statement chair is a great investment and is a way to create energy, enthuse your style and bring vibrance to your space. I have collaborated with John Lewis and Partners, to celebrate the re-launch of the John Lewis and Partners upholstery collection and to share my love for this exquisite treasure of a chair, which has been upholstered.

The ‘Meghan Fluted Back Velvet Armchair.’


A beautiful art deco Aquaclean Harriet Rose Chair, is quite fitting for my personal taste and is a piece, which I feel is a perfect investment. It will go on through different rooms and homes, with any style.

The ‘Meghan Fluted Back Velvet Armchair’ is one of the 64 new additions which are being added to the family.  Also you are able to get the Meghan Chair in a variety of beautiful colours, the one I have chosen is in the colour Harriet Rose.

Whilst waiting for this chair to be delivered, I was rummaging through Pinterest (Click here)  for all inspiration and getting so excited for my own little project. The pastel pink colour, is perfect as it is such an exquisite neutral, which can compliment and work well with all colours. I can see it being decorated with burnt orange pillows and cream cashmere blankets around the autumnal season, to dark greens or blues and dashing golds around Christmas.

As I’m an influencer on social media, I am a little bit of a magpie when it comes to pretty things, I love coming into a room and being mesmerised by how statement pieces work altogether and it’s thrilling to call it my own.

How about for Christmas, treat yourself to something which lifts spirits up in your lounge or bedroom!


John Lewis Wish List 

As it is Black Friday, here is a Christmas wish list with John Lewis and Partners, of how I would style the ‘Meghan Armchair.’

Side Table

Montserrat Leaf Table Light

Faux Fur Throw

Hanover, Velvet Gold Cushion

Mongolian Sheep Hair Cushion, ‘Putty’

Statment Candle – Cire Trudon Baal Gold Scented Candle

Faux Fur Throw, Graphite Stripe

Wool Throw, Navy

Faux Fur Throw, Grey 


Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, thank you for reading,

lots of love


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