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Hello guys, I hope you are well,

So I had to quickly jump on here, before Christmas! To share with you, a skin care gift-set from one of my absolute favourite skin care brands and when better to share, than now before Christmas.

For a Christmas present to your loved ones or even to save your skin throughout this cold harsh weather….and potentially all the indulgence of chocolates, mince pies, late nights and partying… yes that’s right I’m talking to you!


So Bioderma is a brand I recently discovered a couple of years ago. I found them due to really struggling to find skincare products which work for me. I was breaking out so much on my chin and I was often left with so many blemishes, it was so upsetting and I tried multiple products to keep my breakouts at bay, and nothing was happening. Bioderma is suitable for sensitive dry to very dry skin, it is also Hypoallergenic, Non-comedogenic and Paraben free.

The Bioderma Micelle water was the first product I came across, as I discovered my previous Micelle water from another brand was actually one of the reasons, which was causing my breakouts.

Bioderma have brought out the perfect Christmas skincare gift set, ‘Bioderma Beauty Essentials’ which is perfect, as I said, for gifting to your friend and family or even for yourselves, to trial the products, before purchasing the full price.

What’s inside?

I shall introduce the products, in order of use.

Sensibio H20 Make-Up Removing Micelle Solutions (250ml): This is a make-up remover which will remove all your make-up and decongest your skin more efficiently than a make-up wipe. Apply the Micelle water, onto the Bioderma cotton pads, which are also with the set, onto the skin.


Atoderma Ultra-Gentle Shower Gel (100ml): For face and body. I would use this in the shower for a full face and body cleanse. It is gentle to the skin and is a soap-free formula.


Hydrabio Crème Rich Moisturising Care (50ml): A hydrating moisturizer, which contains Salicylic Acid to remove dead skin cells, to restore radiance and leave skin smooth. As well containing beneficial ingredients:

  • Aquagenium™ (a patented complex that generates instant and lasting hydration)
  • Vitamin PP and antioxidant Vitamin E to protect against external attacks that can cause premature ageing.
  • Apple Seed extracts to contribute to improved hydration levels.


Look Fantastic are selling the ‘Bioderma Beauty Essential’ set for £22.50, which is worth £34.10, here is the link: Click Here

I am in love with this brand, and super excited to share their products with you! Treat your skin to a full face and body care regime with Bioderma this Christmas, ready for the new year!

Thank you for reading, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



[This is a paid partnership with Bioderma]

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