R I X O L U S T | 07.19

Lust lust lust, could I say it more! With Monthly lusts, I am also curating brand lusts – an edit which will be shared roughly every week, focusing specifically on a brand I am lusting over and if I could buy 6  things, what would they be.

Items I am absolutely lusting over at Rixo.

Rixo is a brand who are killing it at the moment, with the contemporary, feminine pieces, very playful with mix-match of prints and colours.

Ugh! I love!

I popped into their recently opened Sloane Square pop-up shop on Kings Road and it just screams Wild Child try on haul in the charity shop!! Just so, trendy and also VINTAGE!!!


Rixo was founded by Henrietta Rix & Orlagh McCloskey, with a passion for vintage fashion! Something I fail at. I always try my best to every now and then pop into charity and vintage shops in Brighton, also Asos have their own Vintage selection. I just cannot find anything, and this is when I need Henrietta and Orlagh in my life.

Such an amazing idea, sharing their own curated vintage edit which is a mixture of timeless pieces.

So I had a little snoop and here are pieces I am loving!

Elsa – Camel Ombre Leopard

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