Gin Thursday 04 |Mango Passion

Happy Gin Thursday guys!

Holding on to summer a little bit longer with a delicious tropical holiday cocktail: Mango Passion! I am off to Italy this weekend and I wanted to get in the mood! This Cocktail was by Mama Gin and we wanted to share this with you! Continue reading “Gin Thursday 04 |Mango Passion”


Something I have been loving to do recently, is styling my ears. Over the past couple of years it has definitely become a trend, it is getting more exciting, with unbelievably talented companies making beautiful ornaments to dress our ears with!Continue reading “EARRING EDIT x ACCESSORIZE”

Gin Thursday 03| Strawberry & Pepper

Following on from using classic Beefeater Gin, I thought I would follow up with the Beefeater London Pink Gin. Beefeater is one of my favourite brands and it’s a more affordable gin! So Beefeater London Pink, has a numerous of botanicals, especially strawberries and to balance the sweetness with lemon peel to give it a sharp crisp taste to it and I thought to give a hint of warm spice and add a little pepper!

So this recipe is another simple one, which you can impress your friends and family with on the weekend.Continue reading “Gin Thursday 03| Strawberry & Pepper”

Gin Thursday 02 | Peach & Sour

Hello from Spain! In Spain our essentials are water, peaches, olive oil crisps and gin! I am not even kidding haha.

For this Gin Thursday, I thought I would share a simple summer twist on your classic G&T. One of my favourite and affordable Gin brands is Beefeater London, which has quite a refreshing subtle taste of liquorice and lemon peel.
I call this one Peach & Sour, I hope you enjoy!Continue reading “Gin Thursday 02 | Peach & Sour”

Gin Thursday 01 |Watermelon Thirst

Here we are again! I’ve been so excited to start getting into the ‘Gin Thursday’ routine, as I was supposed to start three weeks ago, but classic mills…she forgot didn’t she! Anyway very proud of myself today, as I am currently in Spain, everyone is slowly arriving for the big weekend, and I wanted to get this ‘Gin Thursday’ posted! Enough rambling…

As I said, I am currently in Spain and we are staying in a Villa, so I thought I would do a simple one today. It’s a quick at home/on holiday recipe, we are talking WATERMELOOOON! Continue reading “Gin Thursday 01 |Watermelon Thirst”

Gin Thursday 00 | Blueberry Smash

Happy Thursday! it is nearly the weekend and I wanted to bring something new and on going on my blog and that is ‘Gin Thursdays’, I love cooking, being creative and quite frank I bloody love gin!

So as most of you will know that I am actually part of a Gin company – Mama Gin! Myself and my friend Eliot, created the company though sharing a love of Gin a few years ago. Mama Gin is a Sussex based local gin mobile pop up bar and is amazing for any event! And Mama Gin cocktails shall be featured as well on ‘Gin Thursday’
Mama Gin Website

Mama Gin Instagram

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Tanning Products

Hello lovelies, it’s that time of year again. Some of us are not as fortunate as others to be blessed with natural bronzed glowy skin, so I thought I would share some products which I have been trying out and using, as you guys have been asking. I use fake tan, as I don’t tan very well. I do tan but not in comparison to my family and I am not as tanned as I would like to be, so these are some products I am currently using.Continue reading “Tanning Products”

Berlin 2018

Hello everyone,

I’m back!

I know it’s been a while but I will get more into what’s happened since I last posted over on another blog post which will be coming soon about finishing University, University life, how I dealt with juggling everything and still having a life, the different platforms I work on and finally the process I’ve been through with cancer. Hopefully this will be helpful to people who are going into University or finishing or just to share some positivity and inspiration to you guys.

Any way, so a couple of weeks ago, I surprised my boyfriend, Laurie with a trip to Berlin for his 22nd birthday! Both of us have never been and we were super excited! During this trip I started experimenting with creating Youtube videos/vlogging as its something I would love to get into, as it looks so much fun and I love watching other peoples videos as well. So please bare with the quality and skill for now, it’s something I need to practice, but super excited as now I have done a little Video for Berlin, I am getting the hang of it and planning for when I go to Spain.

So that was a hint, I made a Youtube video of Berlin which I would love for you guys to check out and give some support, that would really mean a lot, so please (Click Here)  and have a look… then come back!

To support the Youtube video I thought I would write a post of what we got up to in Berlin and places to check out!

Continue reading “Berlin 2018”

Eating In With Amelia: Pesto Pesto

Happy Monday every body, so I have some blog posts up my sleeve and thought I would share a little food post on this fine Monday. A fresh beginning to the week and something you might want to try during the week and I hope you enjoy.

I personally think pesto is so underrated … especially when its fresh! fresh pesto sauce reminds me of oh the beautiful nights in my university house where my friend jess would be making the most awful high pitch scretchy noise with the mini food processor at 9pm in preparation for her pesto pasta…oh I miss that noise… haha!

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New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year’s Eve Lovelies, what a year it has been! I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna have a bit more luck than this year. Although with everything going on, it has been such an amazing year and I have been bless with the adventures I have been on and got to share with my closest friends and family! I was ever so lucky to go to Paris with Chanel, to Greece spontaneously last minute instead of Marrakech, Spain & Portugal with a lot of my family and friends, Festivals, LFW and all the amazing 21st in between! It has been such a wonderful year with a few hiccups along the journey!

So I wanted to talk about what I am thinking of my new year resolutions and how I am hoping to approach them. I think with new year resolutions it is like a ‘diet’, you can’t go cold turkey straight away and expect to not cave…you will! one step at a time is key, you can’t just jump into anything…if you can, you go gurrrllll!Continue reading “New Year Resolutions”