A colour which is very in this Autumn 2018 is RED RED RED! Which I am loving adding into my style at the moment! So here is a quick 10 SHADES OF RED.Continue reading “10 SHADES OF RED”


Something I have been loving to do recently, is styling my ears. Over the past couple of years it has definitely become a trend, it is getting more exciting, with unbelievably talented companies making beautiful ornaments to dress our ears with!Continue reading “EARRING EDIT x ACCESSORIZE”

Christmas & NYE party outfits

I have been a little M.I.A at the moment, but if you’ve been with me from the start, its been a difficult journey but on the road to recovery! So heres a late but what the hell, it’s Christmas! Here is a little put together of outfit inspo for the festive parties which are all about to come!
My family is kinda like “my big fat gypsy wedding”, there is a huge group of us and our friends our are family too, which I love! so from today! Christmas eve till the 1st January…there is something involving a lot of alcohol every…day… so here is some tips for you and I guess a little diary for me to go back to when I’m hanging and indecisive when and what to wear!Continue reading “Christmas & NYE party outfits”

Little Christmas Gift Guide

I love love love giving people an idea of what to get for loved ones for birthdays and Christmas, I love getting so creative and making people so surprised and happy.

So with this in mind heres a little gift guide, mainly for your ladies in your life but however for somethings you can DO together if you want to make memories instead, and this can be for anyone! so hope this helps xxxContinue reading “Little Christmas Gift Guide”

Why I’ve Become A Blogger?

Hello everyone,

I thought I would share why and how I decided to become a blogger and a little about me. I started initially getting into blogging a few years ago when I started University, I am studying Textiles BA (Hons). I have always been passionate about designing, this is evident of my art education so far and I wanted a space to express my thoughts and creations. I think blogging came naturally to me as I wanted a place to express my thoughts, I guess blogging to me, gave me a writing sanctuary where I could write and write without any grade being slapped all over it. I find it is also somewhere where I could write what I wanted in a more informal and personal way.

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5 Items to Invest In This Winter

Its beginning to look a lot li….nope! not just yet! However the weather is definitely saying something different! It’s getting cold outside and ready for the winter pieces to come out. Here are 5 items I think are needed in our 2017 winter wardrobe, Continue reading “5 Items to Invest In This Winter”

Shoes For Autumn/Winter

Before I start, I just want to say a massive thank you for following me and all the support you have given me. I am getting so much good feedback so this is so amazing and helps me to keep going. Becoming a blogger is very challenging and very competitive in the new fashion and social media industry. As well as trying to balance this with my final year at University, health and generally having a life! haha. However I will try to post weekly or biweekly, depending on how busy I get, as my main focus for now is University. Anyway!
This week, I thought I would share my shoe collection, which I will be wearing throughout autumn and winter. I will be mostly sharing easy day to night shoes, varied from simple to statement. Additionally, I’ll be sharing items on my personal wish list, as I have been getting positive feedback from you guys about my shortlists and how you love seeing them for inspiration.

T R A I N E R S 

FullSizeRender 26

Trainers are a must have in my wardrobe as, I walk everywhere in them, they are easy to throw on and you can make a smart outfit trendy but look like you haven’t put any effort in. I think to say the least, my new Nike Air Forces are my favourite pair of shoes this year…and I was quite surprised. I got into Nike Air Forces, through my friend Ellie… I think she has 50 pairs! These are so trendy with the ‘platform’ style, so for me it was a must! These are also featured in my ‘Dressing Up The Dressing Down’ blog post.



FullSizeRender 66

The simple yet boring but go with everything are my fresh fresh white leather reeboks. I do love this pair, I personally feel they are quite flattering as it helps with my skin tone and brightens up my everyday black outfits.


 B O O T S

FullSizeRender 73

‘Girrllll, Look at those wheels!’, pretty much the same comment I get when I wear these bad boys! I bought these over summer, ready and in full swing for Autumn! They give a different edgy vibe to the classic Chelsea boots, maybe more of a biker boot with all the buckles and studs.



FullSizeRender 74

I bought these from Zara maybe a couple of years ago, but they have been my number ones since day one! This sock style boot is every where, it’s very flattering and in trend. I love the 80’s chunky heel, love the vibes and very comfy!

Public Desire Similar


These are my very sassy metallic gold boots, which I got from New Look in the sale for only £12!!! I got these a couple of months ago and saved them for winter! I can just imagine a pair of  leather trousers, a big faux fur jacket or a velvet long coat and then THESE BAD BOYS. These will make any outfit stand out.

Public Desire Version


Alexander McQueen



White Topshop Boots

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 17.43.09

Hope you liked this post

Have a lovely rest of the weekend

lots of love


Winter Coat Wishlist

Happy Sunday!!!!
You will get to know I have a little…tiny…obsession with coats, so I was very ready for it to start getting cold and to get the coats out. I have started purchasing some beauties so I thought I would share what I got, as well as what is on my wish list.
And hopefully it will help with information and tips to what styles, would suit you.

Sorry this might be a bit long…

T E D D Y  S T Y L E

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Dressing Up The Dressing Down

Sundays are all about comfy lazy outfits, and if you are wanting to go out but can’t be bothered to dress up, here are some ideas of how to create a stylish ‘CBA’ outfit. Continue reading “Dressing Up The Dressing Down”

Outfits In Rhodes

Hello, I am back!!

It has felt a while since posting, how ever I am free from Uni for the Summer and I thought I would get back into blogging, as I have a few things to share! I thought I would start it off with what I wore on my recent holiday to Rhodes, Greece!

I came back yesterday and I went with one of my best friends, for one week of bliss…sunbathing, yummy food and cocktails. It was so beautiful and so grateful for our holiday.

I have a few outfits which I wore, which I also bought recently and so hopefully you will be able to still get them.


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