My Prints

Hello lovelies,

I feel like I haven’t posted in so long, but its only been a week! I am trying to post something every Thursday and potentially an extra one or two in the week, but I have a lot going on at the moment so my aim for now is one every Thursday.

So I Thought I would share some news that I am going to start officially selling my prints! I have started selling on a website called BigCartel and will hopefully start selling on Etsy, I will let you know when they come out. I’ve always been passionate about selling my own designs under my name so I thought I might as well try now! Continue reading “My Prints”

Keeping up with Amelia Taylor

So I haven’t been blogging recently as it has been very hectic but keep in tune as this weekend I have a few things coming your way!
So I hope everyone is having a lovely week, the weather is a bit gloomy but hey ho. So I thought I would share what I have been recently been up to in my Textiles course. So if you have seen my previous Textile blog post, then you would know that we have been exploring creating prints using the technique of screen print and now we are furthering these prints onto digital and further manipulating into more designs. At first I wasn’t enjoying creating new prints as my screen prints were finals and personally didn’t need carrying on but I got the hang of it and here we go!

screen grey lb db  2Continue reading “Keeping up with Amelia Taylor”

Textiles BA Project

Our first trip was to Brownsea Island, just off of Poole Harbour to get some primary research for our topic. I was drawn to the category of fungus and different characters with in this title. From the primary research I have developed designs and textures using a variety of media.

Amelia Taylor mushroom illustration

With sketches I am then furthering them on with formulating a variety of final designs and using them with new textile techniques, that we have been introduced too, such a screen printing.

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The beginning of Textile BA

I thought I would start posting a visual diary of my journey with my Textile course,
It has been over 4 weeks, since I have been studying Textiles BA at Bournemouth University of Arts… it has gone so quickly. I have to say that I am really enjoying it, and would highly recommend going to Bournemouth University of Arts. We have been offered so much in the duration of being here, not only a lot of support but with in the course, we have already been offered a variety of trips, recently had a presentation with a high-end inspirational designer, Louise Alfree, who has had an inspiring career with a company called Hodge sellersand has had the opportunity to design for Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Alaia, Topshop, Calvin Klein and many more, which was so amazing.Continue reading “The beginning of Textile BA”