The time is coming, which i find very exciting, it’s the time of the year I can put a massive coat on and eat loads of food, drink an excessive amount of hot chocolate and no one will ever know!
My favourite time of Autumn & Winter is the crisp mornings and the sun beaming through the bright colour palette of the autumnal reds and yellow leaves.

It is time for stocking up with all the big coats and cosy jumpers, I had recently received this gorgeous coat from my friend Lee Murray who designs coats for retails, such as; Miss Selfridge & Urban Outfitters.
I believe this is a Miss Selfridge design & it is fabulous!
I do admit and you will notice this over a few posts, I am very fond of wearing “all black everything”… and so this is a very big applause to me haha.Continue reading “#OOTD”

Making My University Bedroom Cosy & Homely

DSC_0503 Going to University was very exciting, but I wasn’t to sure if I was more excited about having a new room to decorate or my course… I think we all know truly what the answer is!
Buying decorations for my room has been an on going process over this year, but I would like to share what bargains I have got & ideas to make it homely.Continue reading “Making My University Bedroom Cosy & Homely”

The start of something new

Okay, so this September 2015, a massive change happened in my life, I started University at Bournemouth University of Arts and have had moved to Bournemouth for the 3 years of studying here.
And I absolutely bloody love it! I live with four beautiful girls and I feel like I’ve known them my whole life.

I am for filling my capacity of what I love doing and making sure I make the most of my opportunities! I am Studying a full-time Textiles BA course for 3 years, along the side of doing a variety of Part time Make up courses and it is all very exciting!

So in my blog you will be expecting a rumage of my journey of my courses, healthy food ideas, bits and bobs of make up and products and I hope with all this mess, I would be inspiring you… enjoy!