January Essentials – With Amelia Taylor

Happy 2021!! First blog post of the year!!

To start it off, I thought I would share both Helena’s and my January essentials and what we have been loving this month.


What is your lockdown 2021 resolutions?: Any resolutions are towards looking after myself, being kinder and believing in myself. Last year I would find myself being very pessimistic and doubtful and that was very draining.

What has been your favourite watch?: We have watched a lot of amazing series however we watched ‘Sex & The City 2’ and it just filled me with so much joy!

Favourite meal you have cooked or take away?: Helena and I have been out doing ourselves when it comes to cooking, my favourite must have been the Pasta we made 2nd weekend of January which was this Aglio E Olio. As well we haven’t actually had many takes out but we tried Baba Boom ….and my goodness!!! WOW!!!!