Quick ‘warm me up’ Curry

Baby it’s cold outsideeeee…”

This is my Pumpkin, Sweet Potato & Chickpea Curry. 

The thing I love about this dish is that it is quick, cheap, simple, you can add something different each time and it would still work wonders and you can make a large portion and freeze it, which is brilliant if you are at University or your days are hectic to make something every day. Continue reading “Quick ‘warm me up’ Curry”

YOU GOTTA GO PHÖ! – One of my favourite GF Restaurants

Phö – Vietnamese Restaurant

I thought I would start doing a review/ recommendations for Gluten Intolerant/ Healthy Restaurants, Just to show GF peeps a variation of restaurants where you can eat and just an excuse to share my fave fabulous restaurants!

Phö is one of my absolute favourite places to go! it is a Vietnamese restaurant which has a small amount of places it is branched in, they are mainly based in London and as well as in Brighton, which I go to, as that’s where I am based.

Honest to god guys, it is amazing here. Not only is the food incredible, fresh and reasonable price… it is gluten-free heaven!

The staff is so friendly and so caring when it comes to allergies and they don’t make you seem like an inconvenience. Continue reading “YOU GOTTA GO PHÖ! – One of my favourite GF Restaurants”

22nd October – Black Coat

I love love love when winter pops along, it is slowly creeping up on us… and christmas which is very exciting.

Today my coat of the day was from Zara… surprise surprise! It is such a beautiful elegant coat with a luxe fur collar and gold zips. You can’t really go wrong with a black coat, it’s an essential and one which will never go out of fashion and goes with everything.  This coat was actually from last year’s winter, but this high quality piece is so amazing I do believe they have bought it back in stock.
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Kevin Murphy

After featuring my Kevin Murphy – Damage Manager in my previous blog post, I’ve gone back for more!

Lets talk about Kevin Murphy’s products and how fabulous they are!
I have just recently been introduce to their products by the lovely Stephen Webb, Daniel Lustig and Jacqui Taylor, who use Kevin Murphy products with in their salon in Hurstpierpoint – Lustig and Webb Hairdressing salon. Because of their amazing performance and highest natural quality. Kevin Murphy products are designed to deliver high longevity, strength and beautiful quality performance, which is only from the best ingredients and whats better than nature? As well as Kevin Murphy hair products are sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free!

kevin murphy 04Continue reading “Kevin Murphy”

Textiles BA Project

Our first trip was to Brownsea Island, just off of Poole Harbour to get some primary research for our topic. I was drawn to the category of fungus and different characters with in this title. From the primary research I have developed designs and textures using a variety of media.

Amelia Taylor mushroom illustration

With sketches I am then furthering them on with formulating a variety of final designs and using them with new textile techniques, that we have been introduced too, such a screen printing.

mushroom printContinue reading “Textiles BA Project”

My Breakfast

You hear a lot that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and I am not going to lie but they are telling the truth! it really is!
especially if you want to loose weight, If you miss breakfast you can end up craving sugary and fatty food, which is not good. So adding oatmeal to your lifestyle will make you feel and look good.

I don’t really do the whole diet thing, it’s a life style choice!

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Hair Talk – out of the shower


Every body has a massive love hate relationship with their hair, it’s never just right.
Over the past 6 months I have been obsessed with curling my hair, pretty much twice a day which is very dangerous because sadly I was not lucky in the department of receiving my mum’s thick locks, I have very thin fragile hair which seriously gets effected when I am caught in different emotions and does fall out…
Here are some products which I will highly recommend, to help strengthen and protect your hair and these products have also been recommended by my Mum, who is a hair dresser and other friends we know with in the industry.Continue reading “Hair Talk – out of the shower”

Making My University Bedroom Cosy & Homely

DSC_0503 Going to University was very exciting, but I wasn’t to sure if I was more excited about having a new room to decorate or my course… I think we all know truly what the answer is!
Buying decorations for my room has been an on going process over this year, but I would like to share what bargains I have got & ideas to make it homely.Continue reading “Making My University Bedroom Cosy & Homely”