Skin And Hair Christmas Gift Guide

Here is a curated gift guide of ideas for skin and hair Christmas presents. I have accumulated a range of products which are my personal favourite, hope it inspires you! Enjoy!

Ren Skin Care

Ren Skincare is my all time favourite, I adore the products individually and what Ren stands for as a brand. Ren Skincare, by 2021 pledge to be 100% recycled and recyclable. Not only that but vegan and cruelty free. It is such a lovely and delicate product line, and would really recommend.

  1. Ever Calm Balm: This is the hero of all heroes, when it comes to soothing sensitive, irritated skin. This is an overnight pamper essential, suitable for all skin types.
  2. Ever Calm Global Protection Moisturiser: This is my go to moisturiser, and I would also recommend it to any one with sensitive/blemished skin. This is designed to be protective again day to day pollution/toxins.
  3. Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser: A 3 in 1 Cleanser! This is a super star product – Step 1, when coming out the packaging, it is a jelly form and when applying it on to the skin gives a lovely enriched massage which evolves into an oil which is going to remove your makeup, pollution and spf. When water is applied it turns into a milky consistency which will then pick up and lift the dirt, leaving the skin feeling fresh and clean!
  4. The Ren Skincare Clean Start Kit: This is a perfect introduction to the brand, before investing into the normal size products. This is an amazing deal for 6 travel size products at the price of £35 which I think is amazing! This should last you for a week at least! As well as good for stocking filler.
  5. Scent To Sleep Gift Set: The gift of good sleep! The dreamiest duo of ultra calming and soothing application and scent to drift you off to sleep! Such a lovely gift!


This is my lovely friend Jutta Klee Chapman’s beautiful soap brand, which she makes herself at her house. All individually hand made with the most gorgeous ingredients, smelling absolutely incredible! Not to be biased but they are such a gorgeous gift and so aesthetically pleasing!

Shop Kleen Soaps


This is the beauty tools, that I love and 100% recommend!

  1. Illuminated Makeup Mirror: I actually got this as a gift last year and really couldn’t recommend it enough! It was something I didn’t even think about asking for, however it is SUCH AN AMAZING IDEA! For those getting ready in the dark, or not the right lighting, this is your best friend and a daily essential! – such a good price also.
  2. Face Halo Reusable Makeup Removing Pads: Another of my daily essentials! The multi-use remover pads are designed to be kind to the skin, meaning they can be used on any skin type. Lasting for up to 200 wash cycles, this product is simple to use and easy to maintain, plus a friend to the environment thanks to their reusability.
  3. Aurelia Muslin Cloths: I thought these were a super pretty gift, I adore the packaging. The indulgent Aurelia Weekend Muslin is soft bamboo applicator cloths. These muslin cloths, which are appropriate for all over body use, and stimulate circulation by exfoliating the complexion without scratching the skin’s surface. Helps to enhance the penetration and release of impurities when cleansing. 
Espa Skincare

The most luxurious, pampering brand – my favourite! If you are missing the smells and luxurious enriching oils from the Spa, then look no further.

  1. Hold Of Happiness Set: This set has been designed to inspire optimism and positivity in ones self. The scents are so uplifting and very fresh and calming. Contains; Positivity Bath & Body Oil, Positivity Bath & Shower Gel & A Positivity Candle.
  2. Sleep Mist Cracker: A lovely idea for hanging on the Christmas tree or a stocking filler. I am a lover of a pillow mist, they just smell so incredible and puts you in the right mind set to be sent off to sleep.
  3. Espa Winter Spice Deluxe Candle: There is no Christmas with out a gorgeous festive scent candle.
  4. Sweet Dream Collection: includes; Overnight Hydration Therapy, Soothing Bath & Body Oil, Soothing Candle, Optimal Rejuvenating Night Booster & Eye Mask. I adore the Espa body oils, the loveliest and luxurious 5 minutes of pamper heaven!
My favourite fragrances
  1. Myrrh & Tonka: Quite a deep leather woody tone, one of my absolute favourite! It lasts for so long and I always get so many compliments when wearing it.
  2. Pomegranate Noir: A huge favourite for everyone, if you aren’t to sure what Jo Malone scent of fragrance/candle/soaps etc. this is the winner! Such a gorgeous deep floral scent but not sweet.
  3. YSL Libra: Very into my warm note fragrances. This is another deep scent, smells very elegant!
  4. Salvatore Ferragamo La Corte: potentially the most luxurious but very luxurious and suites both summer and winter scents.
  5. Jo Malone Christmas Cracker
Hair Accessories

Items which I think are essentials but the cutest stocking fillers or as presents to say the least!

  1. The Slip Pure Silk Slim Scrunchies Bauble: A festive present filled with silk scrunchies which are the best scrunchies to support the health of your hair.
  2. Asos Tortoise Claw Clip: Such a pretty clip and such an easy way to throw your hair up and look like you’ve made an effort. Just super easy to put your hair up as well as not damaging your hair with putting it in scrunchies all the time.
  3. Mini Wet Brush: essential for the hand bag! I never go out without mine.
  4. Tangle Teezer Vented Brush: This is incredible. The easy dry and go vented hair brush is designed for minimal time when drying your hair as well as less frizz!!!
  5. Nap & Co Large Silk Scrunchies: My favourite silk brand, again lovely silk scrunchies and so pretty! this is the larger style of the scrunchies.
  6. Nap & Co Slim Silk Scrunchies:
Olaplex Hair Treatment

Olaplaex was famous for in salon treatments, they have now been so highly demanded they have now designed them to be at-home treatments.

  1. No.3 Treatment: I have been using these for a few months now due to my hair giving up on me! It is a saviour and I must admit I see such a difference. I used this once a week.
  2. Olaplaex Holiday Hair Fix: Four-piece set of restoring hair products, Weekly No 3 Hair Perfector works to restore hair bonds, No 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo cleanses and restores dry hair, No 5 Conditioner helps to maintain healthy hair, Includes leave-in treatment No 6 Bond Smoother.
Small Pampers
  1. Pixie Beauty Plump Collagen Boost Masks: Pixi Beauty is a very loved brand. These are such reasonable price, perfect for those stocking fillers or presents for your friends and family. Or even secret Santa! you cannot go wrong. The plump collagen boost masks are designed with enriched and expertly curated ingredients which promote a glow and vibrant complexion. The radiance-boosting mask saturates skin with the powers of elasticity-boosting Phyto-Collagen and potent antioxidants that work together to protect and plump for a more youthful and healthy appearance.
  2. Pixie Beauty Glow Glycolic Boost Masks: These are designed to leave the skin looking renewed and luminous. Adhering comfortably like a second skin, the exfoliating face mask contains 5% Glycolic Acid plus a dose of Aloe Vera and Ginseng to help improve and maintain a radiant and glowing visage. Delivers an instant brightening and hydrating effect.
  3. Peacci S.K.I.N Full Kit: This is a brand is known for providing quality nail professional products not only for beauty technicians but anyone! They have now launched their Peacci S.K.I.N, an at-home professional quality ManiPedi range. It is so lovely, especially as we can’t really book in a spa at the moment they have brought it home for us. It is such as treat, as well as vegan and cruelty-free.  
  4. Peacci S.K.I.N Manipedi Trio:This is the smaller kit, this includes the scrub, mani mask and cream.
  5. Frank Body Anti Drama Face Mask: What I loved about this, is that you could get a few masks out of this product and it is such a reasonable price. A perfect stocking filler or secret Santa.
  6. Jessica Cuticle Oil: This is one of my favourite essentials, to keeping nails/cuticles/hands hydrated and maintained. A product, you don’t always remember to get but makes your nails look super fresh!
  7. Aesop Hand Cream: An everyday essential. In you bag, in the car or by your bed side. Especially as well are cleaning are hands a lot at the moment and with very drying products it is important to look after our hands and give them some attention. Aesop is a lovely and luxurious brand.  A rich blend of natural oils conditions and moisturises without leaving your hands feeling greasy and slippery. The aromatic moisturiser helps to protect your hands from the drying effects of environmental aggressors such as frequent hand washing, harsh weather, central heating or air conditioning. 
Silk Pillow Cases

Since being more aware of anti ageing and hair damage haha! I went a little more boujee, with a silk pillow case…however, I am obsessed!!! I have been absolutely loving my silk pillow, it feels so amazing to sleep on but also have massive impact when it comes to less damage to your skin and hair.

Here is a little more information from Slip: Unlike standard, synthetic fibre pillowcases, the highest grade (6A) long fibre mulberry silk with a 22 momme thickness has been utilised to create a luxurious night-time experience that is gentle on skin and hair. Refined over ten years to provide the ultimate in shine, thickness, softness and durability, the SlipSilk™ pillowcase has been shown to significantly reduce friction. It allows skin to breathe and glide, which reduces pressure on creased skin, and prevents hair from tangling and becoming damaged during sleep. Less absorbent than traditional pillowcases, it also protects the integrity of recently applied face creams to help maintain skin’s moisture.

  1. White Slip Pillow Case
  2. Rose Gold Slip Pillow Case
  3. Set of Pink Silk Eye Mask & White Pillow Case
Styling Hair Tools
  1. GHD Platinum Straighteners
  2. GHD Hot Brush
  3. GHD Curve Curling Wand, Brush And protective pad

Makeup Christmas Gift Guide

The Makeup Christmas Gift Guide For Beginners!

I have curated this makeup edit, based on my favourite and go to products. These are hero products and best sellers, so you cannot go wrong. I also made sure this edit is usable friendly for the beginners to the makeup gurus! ENJOY!


Bareminerals Gen Nude Blusher: My favourite shade is ‘That Peach Tho,’ a lovely peachy and coral colour. The Bareminerals Gen Nude Blusher is also available in shades with suit different skin tones.

Nars Extreme Palette: This is Nars new AW2020 palette, this is perfect for the day look glamour to the night smokey look. Perfect palette for those who like a smokey look and pop of colour.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette: This has it all! The blush, the eyeshadow, the highlighter to the bronzer. This is such an amazing palette! perfect for the on the go! I also think it is a lovely palette for newbies to makeup – if your younger siblings or relatives are just getting into makeup this is perfect!

Bareminerals Gen Nude Neutral Eyeshadow Palette: This is the essential eyeshadow palette for the ones who like a touch of eyeshadow and who also like a lovely bronzed smokey eye. This is actually one of my top eyeshadow palettes, its such a gorgeous and elegant palette.

Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze & Glow: If you are unsure on a bronzer, then look no further. This is the most perfect bronzer which suits a lot of skin tones! It is incredible to think only two palettes works wonders! It is a really soft and easy to build bronzer. Accompanied by a highlighter which compliments the shade of the bronzer.

Bareminerals Gen Nude Bronzer Faux Tan: Is another classic bronzer, more suited for fair to medium skin. What I love about Bareminerals is that it is vegan, cruelty free and clean ingredients. So nothing to irritate the skin, if looking for something for someone with sensitive skin. This Bronzer is one of my hero bronzers, as well as the shade ‘Faux Tan’, also includes self tanning ingredients within the bronzer! There are two shades: ‘Warmth’, which has more warm tones and ‘Faux Tan’, which is more cool tones.

Nars Afterglow Lip Balm & Blusher Cracker: These festive present editions are such lovely touches for present ideas. They just look so christmas-sy!!! perfect for an individual present, stocking filler or a fancy table Christmas cracker! I again I repeat hero products. Everything in this gift guide are truly my favourites and products I use all the time. Firstly the Nars Afterglow lip balm in the shade: ‘Orgasm’. I carry this on me 24/7, It is so hydrating and it also has a lovely tint! Also paired with the mini size Nars ‘Orgasm’ blushers, which has a gorgeous shimmer and again a hero product of Nars.

Nars Bronzer & Blusher Duo: Again, another iconic duo! Nars cult classic blusher and bronzer. The blusher is the shade ‘Orgasm’ a gorgeous coral and shimmer blend partnered with the bronzer shade ‘Laguna’, all I can say is that it is a perfect contour. A really lovely compact duo, really good for on the go, for someone new to this product and also this is also part of the Nars Christmas Edition Packaging. Those little touches make it feel so special!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Palette: The most sweetest and dreamiest eyeshadow palette of them all. For a gorgeous building pink and glow eye, this is for you! Pillow Talk is Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic collections and famous for the perfect tones of pink. What I love, is that it is an easy step by step for the perfect soft and glam smokey eye.


Nars After Glow Lip Balm: Following from previously raving about this product this could be a lovely gift on its own or accompanied by another product and again stocking fillers. A lip product you cannot go wrong with.

Nars Chubby Pencil: A hero lip product of mine, it is so velvety and a bold lipstick which blends away naturally. What I love about this colour, is that its a gorgeous light warm berry red, which with one layer can be someone’s day to day colour and add another layer or two and you have your statement lip! A fab two in one product.

Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose Lipstick: For a lover of statement lips or for that someone who you think would look GORGEOUSLY STRIKING and needs that bold lip. This is the one! This is a deep berry colour, which is gorgeous for all year round. I love this colour, as it is so striking but not bold as a red lip, which I think is the perfect bold and complimenting to all skin tones.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Secrets Set: A perfect lip set, and a perfect Christmas gift idea. Pillow Talk collection is one of Charlotte Tilbury’s best seller and her most famous makeup line, as the colours are perfection of ‘your lips but better.’ This is also really worth its value if new to the products, and want to trial minis. It includes the Pillow Talk shade in the lip defining lip cheat pencil, matte revolution lipstick, collagen lip bath gloss and Charlotte lip jewel liquid lip.


Laura Mercier Caviar À Deux – Mascara & Caviar Stick Duet: The perfect Christmas party eye look duo. Laura Mercier have made that party look even quicker to do, with just two steps. The Caviar Stick is a gorgeous shimmery, rose gold cream eyeshadow stick. To apply you apply it over your eyelids and smoke out with either your fingers or a small fluffy brush. The Caviar Volume Panoramic Mascara is all you need for that buildable fluffy lash intensity.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara: HERO! My all time favourite and go to mascara! What I love about it, is that it is not clumpy, designed to spread out your lashes and holds the curl! I have been on a little journey with mascara, I have struggle with excess product smudging under my eyes and ruining my make up. This mascara is a miracle.

The Ultimately Iconic – Iconic London: I wanted to include this, as it is a curated bundle of my favourite iconic products, saving you 45% of the normal price of these products and makes a lovely christmas gift. It includes the ‘ready, set, glow’ primer, which is a shimmery setting spray to hold your makeup in place and an extra boost of glow. The brow silk, which is a wax formula to hold your brows in place. The sheer blush, which is a creamy liquid blusher, super blendable and gives such a healthy colour on the skin. The triple threat mascara and the illuminator drops. The illuminator drops are really good at being a versatile product, with being applied under your foundation or on top in focused areas to give the extra highlight effect!

Setting Sprays: I had to have my favourite setting sprays in here as I truly recommend. I also believe they are quite luxury makeup products, people seem to not want to buy but desire. So they are special and maybe something people don’t think about purchasing but I personally think setting sprays make all the difference to your makeup. The final touch, holding your makeup and giving it a boost of freshness!

Charlotte Tilbury Setting Spray

Iconic London Prep Set Glow Setting Spray

Tools & Accessories

The perfect and all you need makeup brush sets. I feel we can be so overwhelmed with how many and what makeup brushes we need, but I always use the same minimum favourites. Zoeva and Morphe are the makeup brush brands I would really reccomned, the quality is amazing.

Zoeva Brush Kit

Morphe Brush Kit

The essential cosmetic bags! I love these, they are designed to be super compatible, organised and very honestly ideal as you can see everything! These are also qualified to be used through customs at the airport, so you aren’t faffing around with those one use plastic bags. p.s super cute!

Pink Cosmetic Bag (available in other colours)

Makeup Brush Cosmetic Bag


  1. The Beautiful Lips Collection contains: Lip Comfort Oil 01 Honey, Joli Rouge 705 Soft Berry, Natural Lip Perfector 01 Rose Shimmer, Water Lip Stain 03 Red Water. Clarin’s Lip Products are the most luxurious products!!! So nourishing and just look amazing!!! I adore the Lip comfort oil and the Lip Perfectors.
  2. Relax Body Treatment Oil: I discovered this around this time last year, and I am huge fan! This is so pampering and dreamy. A very big treat!
  3. SOS Primer: These are a key product for your makeup staying on for longer as well as protecting your skin against makeup and impurities clogging your pores. The SOS primer come in a mixture of shades, I would recommend: 00, 02 & 09.
  4. Lip Perfector: My mum, nan & myself LOVE these lip perfectos, they are so lovely, a light tinted lip gloss but not sticky at all and a lovely tint.
  5. Velvet Lip Perfector: This is the velvety creamy version of the lip perfector. My favourite shade is 02 Velvet rosewood, such a lovely winter berry red which is so natural lip tint which can be built to be a bold red. it is less daunting as its a soft lipstick in comparison to other bold lipsticks on the market.

So that is my Makeup Christmas Guide, I hope it was useful and thank you for reading!

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