rush that fry

Here is a quick post, before I go off to my make-up course tonight, Being a Uni student, cooking meals is time-consuming right? but here is a quick cheap stir fry which will fill you up and it is so simple.

pho 2 go

You are gonna need:

  • oil (sesame oil)
  • rice noodles
  • chilli
  • Soy or Tamari (gluten free option) Sauce
  • & what ever vegetables you have in your fridge – mine was mushrooms, peas, goji-berries and broccoli.

5 minutes starting now!

  1. put the kettle on
  2. get the pan on, put a splash of oil and chopped up chilli in
  3. place the rice noodles in a bowl and pour in boiling hot water to cover them, leave it there to soak.
  4. chop vegetables up and put in the pan
  5. add soy or tamari sauce stir up for a few minutes
  6. drain the rice noodles and place the veg in the dish

TA DAH! … see told you its quick, cheap and not a faff being healthy and cooking yummy fresh food!

Go try it out, Lots of Love xxx

lets go

Daily Make-Up Routine

  • Firstly I apply a Nivea Non – Oil Moisturiser using my hands in upward motions on my face and neck
  • I have oily skin, so to improve the base for the application of the foundation and to control the excess oil, I apply a Primer. I am using MAC – Prep & Prime (skin base visage) I have recently just purchased this product and falling in love already, it gives such a lovely soft texture, which has allowed for an evan application and allowing the foundation to stay in place longer.
  • For an every day look, I want a light coverage. In the Summer I used the NARS – Tinted Moisturiser (St Mortiz) but unfortunately started making me a little orange, so I am trying out MAC – Pro Longwear (NC25) this product is light weight with a sheer to medium coverage.  dmr03
  • To set the foundation, I have used MAC – Prep & Prime Transparency Finishing Powder I think this is key to setting your foundation, to last longer and the product is also transparent which will not apply an extra shade on top.

  • Eyebrows, I am awful at doing my eyebrows, but to make them look a little thicker and have more colour, I used MAC – eyeshadow (Handwritten) with soft brush strokes and finish it off with MAYBELLINE – Brown drama (dark Brown) dmr06fmr05
  • To warm Up my Face I use MAC – Powder Blush (Fleur Power) on the apples of my cheeks and MAC – Mineralize Skin-Finish Natural (Give Me Sun) lightly on my cheek bones and my forehead. With previously applying the transparency powder to set my foundation, it has allowed me have a natural blended finish with bronzer and blusher.fmr 06dmr10
  • I Love Eye-Liner, I think it makes me look more awake and bigger eyes. I use Liquid Eye-Liner from Rimmel – GLAM’EYES as well as a generous application of MAXFACTOR – MASTERPIECEMAX mascara.fmr 08fmr 11

    Thanks for checking out my blog,
    Lots of Love xxx


It is coming up to Halloween, so gives me the excuse to pop in some posts on make up design tutorials.

This is something a little bit different, not your typical skeleton or vampire!
I went for a more futuristic Alien theme.

mermaid 00

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Quick ‘warm me up’ Curry

Baby it’s cold outsideeeee…”

This is my Pumpkin, Sweet Potato & Chickpea Curry. 

The thing I love about this dish is that it is quick, cheap, simple, you can add something different each time and it would still work wonders and you can make a large portion and freeze it, which is brilliant if you are at University or your days are hectic to make something every day. Continue reading “Quick ‘warm me up’ Curry”

YOU GOTTA GO PHÖ! – One of my favourite GF Restaurants

Phö – Vietnamese Restaurant

I thought I would start doing a review/ recommendations for Gluten Intolerant/ Healthy Restaurants, Just to show GF peeps a variation of restaurants where you can eat and just an excuse to share my fave fabulous restaurants!

Phö is one of my absolute favourite places to go! it is a Vietnamese restaurant which has a small amount of places it is branched in, they are mainly based in London and as well as in Brighton, which I go to, as that’s where I am based.

Honest to god guys, it is amazing here. Not only is the food incredible, fresh and reasonable price… it is gluten-free heaven!

The staff is so friendly and so caring when it comes to allergies and they don’t make you seem like an inconvenience. Continue reading “YOU GOTTA GO PHÖ! – One of my favourite GF Restaurants”

22nd October – Black Coat

I love love love when winter pops along, it is slowly creeping up on us… and christmas which is very exciting.

Today my coat of the day was from Zara… surprise surprise! It is such a beautiful elegant coat with a luxe fur collar and gold zips. You can’t really go wrong with a black coat, it’s an essential and one which will never go out of fashion and goes with everything.  This coat was actually from last year’s winter, but this high quality piece is so amazing I do believe they have bought it back in stock.
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Kevin Murphy

After featuring my Kevin Murphy – Damage Manager in my previous blog post, I’ve gone back for more!

Lets talk about Kevin Murphy’s products and how fabulous they are!
I have just recently been introduce to their products by the lovely Stephen Webb, Daniel Lustig and Jacqui Taylor, who use Kevin Murphy products with in their salon in Hurstpierpoint – Lustig and Webb Hairdressing salon. Because of their amazing performance and highest natural quality. Kevin Murphy products are designed to deliver high longevity, strength and beautiful quality performance, which is only from the best ingredients and whats better than nature? As well as Kevin Murphy hair products are sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free!

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My Breakfast

You hear a lot that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and I am not going to lie but they are telling the truth! it really is!
especially if you want to loose weight, If you miss breakfast you can end up craving sugary and fatty food, which is not good. So adding oatmeal to your lifestyle will make you feel and look good.

I don’t really do the whole diet thing, it’s a life style choice!

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