Pancake Day

I’ve been experimenting, making yummy healthy, gluten free and vegan pancakes for pancake day. So here is my go at it;Continue reading “Pancake Day”

Aubergine Curry

Good evening guys, I have been really poorly today, so it gave me the opportunity to do a recipe post for you guys.
So today I made an Aubergine curry which was so delicious and will last for another 2/3 meals, so altogether its makes for four meals.Continue reading “Aubergine Curry”

Have your Cake and eat it!

As we all know the gyms are packed and the smoothies and no carbs is the diet…you need your carbs! and also you need a treat! but if you don’t want to ruin your diet then this cake is for you!

You can evan have it for breakfast….Continue reading “Have your Cake and eat it!”

Stir-fry loving

I love love food, but I actually only enjoy food which is good for me and giving me lots of benefits! A lot of people come to me questioning on what to cook when being gluten free and asking a lot about more recipes on the blog. Gluten free isn’t actually as restricted as you think and we aren’t actually suppose to eat gluten, so I want to expose what I cook for my self and 95% I make, is a meal which should take under 10 minutes so it shows how easy it is!

So today, quick, easy, cheap and healthy.
This should take you no longer than 10 minutes,
Get you veg! any thing will do!Continue reading “Stir-fry loving”

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic

Over Christmas, one of my aims for when I came back from University was to go and Experience Charlotte Tilbury’s new store in Covent Garden and her amazing products. You enter girl heaven with one glimpse of the stunning display, glistening and standing out in comparison to the surrounded shops.

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So I did an experiment with making a pizza, which is quick, simple and gluten free and so this is pizza experiment number one!

For the dough base I used 1 cup of Buckwheat Flour, pinch of salt, 1 table spoon of curry powder and gradually added water until necessary, you want the dough not to be sticky. I flattened the dough onto tin foil with my hands.

Toppings Topping Toppings!

Tomato Puree
Chopped Ginger
Tamari (gluten free soy sauce)

I placed the pizza in the oven for 10 minutes, whilst that was cooking I made some poached eggs to go on top.

To finish the pizza off, I added some spinach, avocado and sesame seeds.

This was so amazingly delicious! it only took 15 minutes and it is so simple and healthy!

Have a go!
Lots of Love


Hearty Oats

Good morning everyone! today I have a day off from University, which is such a blessing as I am so exhausted.

So today I tried something sort of different for breakfast and it was just so yummy. I love something sweet in the morning and this ticked all the boxes.

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Rose Gold

Rose Gold is a big trend, so I thought I would create a Rose gold ‘going out’ look, as it has such a pretty warmth and elegancy.

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Smoothie Time

Good Morning!
It is snowing? I know it’s cold outside but nothings better than a yummy sweet vitamin booster to fight off that nasty cold. Smoothies are so easy and quick for on the go.

Okay, so here is my go to smoothie…Continue reading “Smoothie Time”