City Break To Bath, Somerset

I have been very fortunate to be able to have so many amazing trips around the world and this year I wanted to make an effort to document and share. A quick little help in hand, to share where we ate, stayed, other recommendations.

So starting off 2020, with what I got up to on New Years Eve! So last year myself, Laurie and our darling friends Sophie and Andy decided to get away. I always find New Years Eve very overrated having to DO something. I like to look at New Years Eve to do what ever you want, make it special. Even if you don’t want to do anything at all, get cosy on the sofa… maybe with a cheeky G&T! But yes we wanted to do something different, and that is when we came up with a little city break.


Our Airbnb – Click Here

We absolutely loved our apartment, central location over looking the canal which was so beautiful to wake up too! It felt like home from home and was so perfect!

Where We Ate & Drank

Chin Chin!

The Canary Gin Bar

So if you know a little about me, you would know this screamssss my name haha! I was introduced to this bar a few years back, when I was visiting my friend at Bath University. So this was a definite on my to do list whilst I was back, and would highly recommend. The most wonderful, bar down one of Bath’s little lanes. The interior is incredible, feeling like you’ve walked into a Wizard’s lair, with all is passions bubbling away. The atmosphere is incredible, so many amazing gins and the staff are incredible!




Vino Vino Restaurant
For Dinner we booked Vino Vino and it was just what we needed. Vino Vino is known for of course wine but also cocktails and it’s sharing boards and tapas style plates, it was perfect for us four chatting away. Myself and Sophie are both Gluten intolerant and they were able to cater us with lots of lovely plates.


We went for our last few drinks at a bar, which I would’t recommend and so don’t really want to share it. But we had the most loveliest time and would recommend these places!!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Lots Of Love


Sezane Lust List

Just in time for summer, Sezane are giving me all the cool, flowing pieces that I just cannot wait to bundle in my case and head to the airport. Here is an effortless stylish edit for a summer holiday. Continue reading “Sezane Lust List”

Berlin 2018

Hello everyone,

I’m back!

I know it’s been a while but I will get more into what’s happened since I last posted over on another blog post which will be coming soon about finishing University, University life, how I dealt with juggling everything and still having a life, the different platforms I work on and finally the process I’ve been through with cancer. Hopefully this will be helpful to people who are going into University or finishing or just to share some positivity and inspiration to you guys.

Any way, so a couple of weeks ago, I surprised my boyfriend, Laurie with a trip to Berlin for his 22nd birthday! Both of us have never been and we were super excited! During this trip I started experimenting with creating Youtube videos/vlogging as its something I would love to get into, as it looks so much fun and I love watching other peoples videos as well. So please bare with the quality and skill for now, it’s something I need to practice, but super excited as now I have done a little Video for Berlin, I am getting the hang of it and planning for when I go to Spain.

So that was a hint, I made a Youtube video of Berlin which I would love for you guys to check out and give some support, that would really mean a lot, so please (Click Here)  and have a look… then come back!

To support the Youtube video I thought I would write a post of what we got up to in Berlin and places to check out!

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New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year’s Eve Lovelies, what a year it has been! I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna have a bit more luck than this year. Although with everything going on, it has been such an amazing year and I have been bless with the adventures I have been on and got to share with my closest friends and family! I was ever so lucky to go to Paris with Chanel, to Greece spontaneously last minute instead of Marrakech, Spain & Portugal with a lot of my family and friends, Festivals, LFW and all the amazing 21st in between! It has been such a wonderful year with a few hiccups along the journey!

So I wanted to talk about what I am thinking of my new year resolutions and how I am hoping to approach them. I think with new year resolutions it is like a ‘diet’, you can’t go cold turkey straight away and expect to not cave…you will! one step at a time is key, you can’t just jump into anything…if you can, you go gurrrllll!Continue reading “New Year Resolutions”