Textiles BA Project

Our first trip was to Brownsea Island, just off of Poole Harbour to get some primary research for our topic. I was drawn to the category of fungus and different characters with in this title. From the primary research I have developed designs and textures using a variety of media.

Amelia Taylor mushroom illustration

With sketches I am then furthering them on with formulating a variety of final designs and using them with new textile techniques, that we have been introduced too, such a screen printing.

mushroom print

textile print on fabric

I have used these prints for my own personal projects and I have been projecting them into products and maybe in the future can further these on to retail and selling them.
I am really enjoying my course and I get excited with pursuing it in to products, which is what I would love to do in the future! either down the route of fashion or interior. I may do a blog post with a few product designs using my prints, and if you are interested please let me know and I could further on to actually creating them and selling!

Amelia Taylor mushroom photographyamelia taylor

Thank you for checking out my blog too all you lovely people, it has been insane with the amount of support I have been receiving. If you want to keep in the loop, please subscribe and you can be notified by email when new blog posts go up.

Lots of Love xxx

textile blue and orange print

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