My Breakfast

You hear a lot that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and I am not going to lie but they are telling the truth! it really is!
especially if you want to loose weight, If you miss breakfast you can end up craving sugary and fatty food, which is not good. So adding oatmeal to your lifestyle will make you feel and look good.

I don’t really do the whole diet thing, it’s a life style choice!

I am gluten intolerant which has opened my eyes about health and nutrition and what we should be avoiding. I keep away from Gluten and try to avoid dairy, processed sugar and red meat… it’s a lot but it isn’t when you know how and what to cook and hopefully I can inspire you with my recipes. And please, you don’t have to avoid these food categories, it is just what personally makes me feel good and suites me.

oatmeal by amelia taylor 03


My go to everyday breakfast is oatmeal, usually in the style of ‘over-night-oats’,
I would usually make it the night before so the oats soak up the milk, but you can make it in the morning and leave it in the fridge for 15/30 minutes, whilst you get ready.

So the night before I would pour half a cup of oats and a sprinkle of chia seeds in a bowl, I don’t have a measurement for almond milk, I just make sure there is more than enough milk to be soaked up by the oats and still be creamy. In the morning I would finish the dish off with chopped up banana and peanut butter.

This power food is rich in vitamins, minerals, copper, zinc, lipids and many more, which possess endless benefits for our health…our skin! …our blood pressure and reducing risk of colorectal cancer…
so, isn’t it time to soak your oats?!

Lots of Love xxx

Photographed by Amelia Taylor

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